Chris Morris

My mother’s mother was from a Jewish family that lived near Salzburg and converted to Christianity. Her Dad was raised in a Lutheran church in Denmark. My Mother’s parents moved to Baltimore and met in Germantown during World War II. My Mother’s family was a hybridized Christian/Jewish family that kept many of the Jewish teachings but believed Jesus was the Messiah.

My Dad’s Dad was a Southern Baptist Minister from South Carolina who retired and became a Chaplain at a Hospital in San Antonio Texas. My Dad’s Mom introduced me to Jesus and taught me that Jesus answered prayers and took care of those who were humble and had faith in Him.

Because of my faith, my mother took me to a Lutheran Church where I went through Catechism and where I became an altar boy. I was an Eagle Scout and was a member of an Explorer Post. My parent’s both died when I was a senior in high school. My faith was badly shaken, but in graduate school I
rededicated my life to Christ and was baptized at Midland Texas’ First Baptist Church.

I received an Undergraduate Degree in Physics and Psychology from Emory
University. I later went to Georgia State University where I received an MBA with a concentration in finance. I worked at Arthur Andersen Consulting, went into industry and worked for several of the largest companies in Georgia where I held titles as Controller, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and President. I helped take four companies public during my stay in industry.

At 35 years of age I followed God’s lead and started a CPA practice and later added a financial planning business. I became a CPA, a CFP and hold insurance and
brokerage licenses. I taught finance and accounting at several colleges and universities and coauthored a best-selling financial book. I believe God’s purpose for my starting a business and leaving industry was to serve small business owners and those who needed help with securing their financial future, and I believe God had us start these small businesses to be witnesses for Him.

During that time, I played the piano for a Presbyterian Church. I traveled on a variety of Missions trips, and I attended several different churches and denominations. God led me to teach my children about Judaism and our family became Messianic Jews. We studied Hebrew, Judaism and we learned to keep the Jewish Holidays and traditions. God’s spirit led our family on an amazing journey where we studied many different facets of Christianity and Judaism. Today we consider ourselves to be Messianic Jews.