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The early church struggled with supernatural things that few people understand today. Israel fought a spiritual war. The war required great faith and mental strength. Place yourself in the Exodus and imagine you are following Moses and have arrived at a vast sea of water. Behind you is an army, the greatest army on earth, and they are chasing you with the intent of killing you and your family. How do you feel? Your spouse and children are with you. You face certain death. Do you collapse in tears, weeping and shaking and give up all hope knowing that you are going to die? Or do you look to Moses and to God the father and hope? Do you believe a miracle is even possible?
We each fight a spiritual war with darkness. All of us face our Exodus battles in life. I have spoken to hundreds of seniors about the spiritual battles they have fought in life. With a degree of reluctance and trepidation, they tell me their stories. Often their stories are unbelievable. They are usually cry as they explain how a personal miracle transpired. After their story they often say, “It was a miracle that I survived,” and they add, “I don’t know why, but there was a reason that I was spared that day.”
My Aunt told me a brief story. In the 1950s, she and her husband were driving to Pike’s Peak, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. My Uncle was in the back seat of the car changing the diaper of their newly adopted daughter, Tina. In those days, guard rails were a rarity, and there were no guard rails on the side of the two-lane road that summitted Pike’s Peak. As they descended the mountain, Clarice, my aunt, realized the brake pedal got closer and closer to the floor of the car. Then, after descending a steep part of the road, her foot hit the floor and the brakes no longer worked. The car gained speed. She was having trouble staying on the road. Faster and faster the car careened down the side of the mountain. She prayed, “Dear Lord save us.” Then LB grabbed her arm and yanked it down. The car turned sideways on the gravel and skidded to a stop a few feet from a cliff that dropped over a thousand feet off the side of the mountain. Shaken, Aunt Clarice turned to tell LB and said, “I don’t know what I would have done if you had not grabbed my arm and yanked the wheel down.”
LB said, “I didn’t touch your arm. I was in the back seat changing Tina’s diaper. I couldn’t have grabbed your arm.”
“Don’t say that LB. You grabbed my arm. I know you grabbed my arm.”
“Clarice, if someone grabbed your arm, it wasn’t me.”
Aunt Clarice told me this story as if it was a dark secret, she was afraid to tell anyone. She was clearly concerned about how I would react.
There is more going on in life than scientists tell us. The early church leaders knew this. Unfortunately, we’re not born with the realization that we live in a world that is more than we see on the surface. We have little knowledge about how to access this spiritual world or how to navigate safely through the spiritual warfare we face in our lives. Jesus went to great lengths to show us how to see and hear in the spiritual world. He implied that many who say they can see, can’t see and many who claim they can hear can’t hear. I believe Jesus was telling them they have not learned to hear and see in the spiritual realm. Jesus added, “Anything you ask in my name I will do.” I believe he was telling the truth. The problem is, without help, we really have no idea what we are dealing with. That’s why most of us need a road map. We need training. And we need to learn how to see and hear in the spiritual realm.
A friend of mine who is experienced with spiritual warfare said, “We don’t grow spiritually unless we are confronted with spiritual battles and overcome them.” I suppose a seasoned warrior is more likely to survive a battle with the enemy than a new recruit, because he is experienced in what it takes to survive on the battle field.
The purpose of this book is to explain how I learned over my lifetime to trust God. By sharing my life experiences with you, I am sharing how I learned about the spiritual world. During this book, I progress from small miracles to bigger and bigger miracles.
The point of this book is to talk about those things that we are often embarrassed or even afraid to speak of and to point out that these things aren’t uncommon. In fact, they are quite common to those who are willing to explore the spiritual. We just live in a society that is afraid to openly talk about the spiritual world we all witness in life.
In short, I wrote this book as an instruction manual for my children. The purpose is to help them, and you, if you are interested, in learning more about Jesus, the challenges we all face in life, and the way my family learned to trust God and to overcome what often seemed like impossible challenges. I hope you enjoy your journey, and may God bless you as you delve into the heavenly realm.

My book raises a lot of questions that has people scratching their heads. Is this true? It seems so unbelievable. I can say, Aunt Hank, who worked for Kennedy, Nixon, Bush, and other Presidents read the entire section that pertained to our Government, and she said simply, it is all true. She made some editing comments but no changes. My wife talked to Hank about this in detail as did I. My wife and my children have witnessed everything else in the book. Each person read draft copies of the book, commented on it and offered changes where their memory differed from mine. The differences were minor. Even friends of mine in the book reviewed the sections pertaining to them before I published it. If you question my book, or don’t believe it, ask my wife, ask Jessica or Joshua and they will confirm they have already read it and edited it before it was published. All say it is exactly as they remember! The point is, God is real, miracles are real, and all things are possible through our Lord.

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